Monday, August 4, 2014

Tough, Tough Week


Tough, tough week. I feel everything was against us haha. Thats alright though. Gotta have tough weeks everynow and then. It is good for me. As my Dad would say, "Puts hair on your chest." 

Well the Pastor story......yeah it fell through. Went to go meet with him on Friday to make sure of our time on Saturday. Couldnt find him. But found the other Pastor at the church. Well turns out the Pastor we were teaching liked our doctrine so much that he started using it in church...That didnt go over well with the other pastor and he got kicked out of the church. I love Madagascar. But the other Pastor is also learning from us and wants to set up a "debate." Sounds a lot like Bible Bashing to me. He said he wants to give us an hour and him an hour and then the people choose. Is that okay?? I dont know. If it turns in to Bible Bashing, I will remember the two rules my Dad taught me:

1: Never Bible Bash

2: If you do, never lose. 


Now we are trying to find the first Pastor we were teaching and teach him. Hopefully he could bring some of the congregation to learn from us as well. 

Other than that, no big highlights of the week. Elder Anderson made a chocolate pie that was heavenly. Im proud of my son. And I perfected my pancake rcipe. Thinking of opening up a shop when I get home. 

Lastlly, we had a service project this Saturday and it was a Mormon Helping Hands event. Awesome stuff!! We painted a school building and didnt quite finish so we got more work next week! Its great to get the Ward out and all doing some service work. Plus the community sees that and loves it!!! 

Well, thats it. Love yall!

Elder Hein

Me, playing soccer with the locals

Nice Billboard!

Service Project - Painting a school

My son!

Fun, local kids.

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